Outlook for Carolina Panthers 2012 Season

by Anthony Urso on 08/22/2012 - 10:34 am

Tags: Carolina Panthers, Football, Sports

The prospects for the Carolina Panthers this season are still up in the air. Despite a somewhat weak performance in the first preseason game, the Charlotte team is looking good, given an excellent lineup and consistent coaching. The Panthers have a lot of reason to feel optimistic about this season, and this mental outlook will do much for them.


The Panthers lineup is solid gold this season, with sophomore wonder kid Cam Newton healthy and on track for another statistically strong season. Concerns about Cam Newton facing a sophomore slump are all gossip and no gospel. Newton is a strong player, and is showing no sign of weakness so far. Give the man a chance and you’re almost certain to see him buck this superstitious claim. His youthful confidence should keep the concerns of being good enough out of his mind, and that mental self-destruction is the cause of slumps, after all.


Additionally, a loaded backfield is at the ready with elusive Jonathan Stewart prepared to break every tackle and Deangelo Williams taking advantage of any slice of open field with his unrivaled speed. The only concern in this area of the team is that Williams might get hurt and leave the Panthers vulnerable. Mike Tolbert was brought on this season to counteract the injury prone nature of Williams, however.


Linebacker Luke Keuchly was the Panthers’ number one draft pick, and his strong performance in the first preseason game was a testament to this newbie’s potential. During his NFL debut, which lasted little more than a quarter, he was able to lock in a fumble and four tackles. Not bad for a guy who lined up on the wrong side of the ball during the first play of the game.


Play by Play Highlights

  • Diverse backfield starring Jonathan Stewart and Deangelo Williams ready to give the opposing teams a run for their money.
  • Cam Newton showing no signs of slowing down despite baseless claims of a slump.
  • Rookie linebacker Luke Keuchly looks ready to impress. With him crushing the weak side, John Beason should be able to stay strong in the middle and hold back the offense.
  • Coach Ron Rivera poised to drive the team to a real turnaround. His confidence and leadership skills are just what the team needs.


A 10-6 record for this season is well within reach for the Panthers. Once all the new additions find their place in the team, there’s reason to believe we might just see a Super Bowl trophy for the Charlotte team within a couple seasons.