What are the Top Paying Careers in Charlotte?

Published: 09/09/2011

by Mark Williams

As one of the largest cities in the South, Charlotte, North Carolina, has a lot to offer its residents. Though beautiful weather, a bustling nightlife, and great neighborhoods are certainly on the mind of anyone living (or thinking about living) in the Queen City, the truth is that none of these great features matter without a well-paying job. Charlotte, North Carolina, is known as a financial and banking center in the South, but it also has a great many other job markets that contribute to its top paying careers.


According to Citytowninfo.com, the Queen City offers a diverse list of professional opportunities to those of its residents seeking a well paying job. Of course, doctors, lawyers, and athletes take the cake when it comes to the highest paid professionals. Charlotte, North Carolina, home of the Carolina Panthers, several hospitals and doctor’s offices, and many different legal practices, is home to many of the highest paid professionals in the area; however, there are other industries that remunerate their employees generously.


"Top paying" is a relative term, to be sure, and the first tier of the category can be considered as jobs that pay over 100,000 dollars per year. According to the 2008 data reported by Citytowninfo.com, the job titles that fall into this tier include:


  • Athletes


  • Financial Managers


  • Managers (general)


  • Financial Services Professionals


  • Operations Managers


  • Chief Executives


  • Computer and IT Managers


  • Dentists


  • Compensation and Benefits Managers


  • Lawyers


  • Pilots, Copilots, and Flight Engineers


  • Actuaries


  • HR Managers


  • OB/GYN Professionals


The second tier of top paying jobs in the Charlotte, North Carolina area can be considered as anything that pays over 75,000 dollars per year. These include, according to Citytowninfo.com:


  • College-Level Teachers


  • Property, Real Estate, and Community Association Managers


  • Credit Analysts


  • Computer Programmers


  • Financial Examiners


  • Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts


  • Database Administrators


  • Computer Software Engineers


The third, and final, tier of top paying jobs in the Queen City is represented by those that pay, on average, between 50,000 and 75,000 dollars per year. Again, according to Citytowninfo.com, this third tier includes:


  • Machine Assemblers


  • Advertising Sales Agents


  • Private Detectives and Investigators


  • Financial Specialists


  • Insurance Sales Agents


  • Buyers (Wholesale and Retail)


  • Training and Development Specialists


  • Sales Representatives


  • Recruiters


Charlotte, North Carolina, is a city in which many high paying jobs can be found. In an economy that is looking up, this may be just the place to secure a comfortable salary!